Voices of Orange County

Josefina Medina

ELL District Administrator

“The Orange County has both the Two-Way Dual language programs and Transitional programs. The first bilingual program in the Orange County dated back to 1990 and it started with transitional programs. There are 11 Two -Way Dual language programs in K-5 grade levels. Students in Orange County are all Spanish speakers and they follow a common core curriculum in mainstream education. The schools mainly follow the 50:50 model with English language art blocks and Spanish language art blocks. The schools have different configurations for how they manage the school days like having one full day in English and one full day in Spanish and there are essentially two teachers in both the blocks. The teachers are recruited mostly from Florida with highly qualified credentials but sometimes Spanish teachers are also brought from Puerto Rico. As regards the assessments, they use the ‘ACCESS’ and ‘ iReady’ programs for assessment in English. For evaluating literacy components in Spanish, they use ‘iStation’ as a tool. The main difference between both applications is that ‘iReady’ is more oriented towards progress monitoring and ‘iStation’ is for intervention performed by teachers for Spanish instruction. The parents have a significant role to play in these programs as well. At the beginning of the year, they organize Parents’ night and they also let the parents experience what their kids will go through by asking them to come into classes and go through a lesson.”