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Background & History

Union Park Elementary School was established in 1919 on property along State Road 50 near Dean Road.  It was a small school of wooden construction serving a very rural community.  In 1936, the school moved to the site on which Union Park Middle School is currently located.  Two new elementary schools, Riverdale and Lawton Chiles, opened in 1998 to reduce the student population at Union Park. Union Park Elementary School will offer exceptional education services on campus for students in the speech and language impaired programs, the specific learning disabilities (SLD) program, the gifted program, and the varying exceptionalities (VE) program.  

In 2006-2007 they opened our Dual Language Program with two kindergarten classrooms.  Each year they added an additional grade level. Students are Spanish and English speakers who learn together in both languages, ultimately leaving us at the end of 5th grade completely bi-literate in both languages.  We were made a magnet school during the 2011-2012 school year. Students at UPES are given frequent exposure to many exciting programs designed to enhance the curriculum.  

These programs include the D.A.R.E. program, economic education through programs such as Junior Achievement, musical opportunities such as Mustang Melodies, recorder, and chorus.  Field trips are taken to such places as the Orlando Science Center, St. Augustine, Orlando Museum of Art, Bob Carr Centre for the Performing Arts, Orlando Regional History Center and other exciting locations.

Source: Union Park Elementary School

Learning Context

Union Park Elementary is a magnet dual language school. Students in the Dual Language program receive instruction in English and Spanish daily, in addition to 45 minutes of French once a week. While students in the English only program receive French instruction once a week. Language minorities and majorities are integrated with the same classrooms. For Dual Language Programs K-2, reading and Social Studies instruction is given in both English and Spanish, while Science instruction is provided all in Spanish, and Math instruction is provided all in English. For Dual Language Program 3-5, reading instruction is given in the language the child was enrolled in when they entered the program. Science and Math instruction are given in both languages, two days in English and two days in Spanish. 

Source: Union Park Elementary School

Key Statistics

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ELL Students

EdStats 2017-2018 Enrollment Data


Number of Students Race/Ethnicity ELL Status
511 Hispanic: 69.7%
White: 14.1%
Black: 11.7%
Asian: 2.5%
ELL Students: 29.5%
Non-ELL Students: 70.5%

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