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Background & History

Tildenville Elementary School focuses on a vision of attaining a mission based on five set goals – intense focus on student achievement, high performance and dedicated teamwork, safe learning and working environment, efficient operations and sustained community engagement.

Dual Language Enrichment (DLE) Magnet Program

The Two-Way Dual language program model integrates language minority and language majority students in the same classroom with the goal of academic excellence and bilingual proficiency for both student groups. Careful attention is paid to the development of bilingualism, biliteracy and academic attainment for all participants striving to cultivate understanding and appreciation of each others’ cultures, inspiring self-esteem and strengthening positive attitudes among students, families, and communities.

Source: Tildenville Elementary School

Learning Context

It is a magnet dual language school. Students in the Dual Language program receive instruction in English and Spanish daily, in addition to 45 minutes of French once a week. While students in the English only program receive French instruction once a week. Language minorities and majorities are integrated with the same classrooms. For Dual Language Programs K-2, reading and Social Studies instruction is given in both English and Spanish, while Science instruction is provided all in Spanish, and Math instruction is provided all in English. For Dual Language Program 3-5, reading instruction is given in the language the child was enrolled in when they entered the program. Science and Math instruction is given in both languages, two days in English and two days in Spanish.

Source: Tildenville Elementary School

Key Statistics

Students Enrolled
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ELL Students

2018-2019 Florida Department of Education EdStats Information


Number of Students Race/Ethnicity ELL Status
541 Hispanic: 53.2%
White: 26.2%
Black: 16.6%
Two or More Races: 2.8%
ELL Students: 16.8%
Non-ELL Students: 83.2%

Students Enrolled by Year

Students Enrolled by ELL Status

Students Enrolled by Race/Ethnicity