RCMA Wimauma Academy

Vision Statement

The RCMA Wimauma Academy will continue its emphasis on educating children and empowering families. We will grow within our loosely defined education area, seizing opportunities to do more and diversify if it is coming from the soul of the organization. We are a family driven high-quality organization. All children and parents have access to technology and after school programs. Multi funding is driven by broad volunteer support and our advocacy keeps public and legislative awareness high. Our employees are highly valued, continuously growing and made up of a community grown exemplary professionals.

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Key Statistics

Students Enrolled
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ELL Students

2018-2019 Florida Department of Education EdStats Information


Number of Students Race/Ethnicity ELL Status
222 Hispanic: 99.5% ELL Students: 73.4%
Non-ELL Students: 26.6%

Students Enrolled by Year

Students Enrolled by ELL Status

Students Enrolled by Race/Ethnicity