Hamilton County School District

District Information

Hamilton County School District (HCSD) is headquartered on the grounds of Hamilton County High School and serves the entire county.

Mission Statement

  • Promote high scholastic performance with a career focus
  • Provide a safe learning and working environment
  • Apply sound business management practices at all levels
  • Support active partnerships that achieve school improvement
  • Establish an effective system for internal and external communications
  • Provide sufficient classrooms, facilities and transportation systems

Source: Hamilton County Public Schools

Map of Hamilton County

Hamilton County map

2019-2020 Florida Department of Education EdStats Information

District Demographics

Number of Students Race/Ethnicity ELL Status
1,647 Hispanic: 20.3%
White: 37.5%
Black: 37.9%
Two or More Races: 3.3%
ELL Students: 11.2%
Non-ELL Students: 88.8%

District Achievement Data (from 2019-2020)

Overall District Grade: C

Students Enrolled by Year

Students Enrolled by Gender

Students Enrolled by ELL Status

Students Enrolled by Race/Ethnicity